Everyone has a creative side and the overlap between Intellectual Property and the brick and mortar business is an ever-increasing commonality.  You don’t need to be a screenwriter to have Intellectual Property to protect.  Clients are often surprised at the Intellectual Property they have and the benefits received by insuring their protection.  Securing the intellectual property rights in your properties, brand name, slogan and overall product identity can be crucial to moving forward with, for example, a licensing or manufacturing and distribution deal or even the sale of your business.  Increasingly, partners and joint ventures are demanding that the rights to the underlying property are secured – i.e., registered and protected.  Having your brand, properties and products protected can mean the difference between a one-time sale of your product or idea, and a lifetime of licensing and royalty income from the same properties.

Representative work

LICENSING negotiating and drafting agreements for uses of copyrighted works, trademarks, and patent use