Real Estate

Guzman Law Group deals with dispute issues for both residential and commercial properties relating to ownership rights, i.e. buying/selling property, leases, easements, boundaries, and quiet title actions. A dominant issue on the commercial side is negotiating, drafting, and reviewing the terms of complex commercial leases. For example, a client is expanding their company and wants to lease large industrial, office, or warehouse space. Guzman Law Group will aid in the process by negotiating, drafting, and/or reviewing the terms so that the client is protected. Guzman Law Group also handles issues involving the running of a real estate brokerage and serves to resolve disputes between brokers, agents, mortgage companies, escrow companies, and title companies.  We also can work to structure relationships between those entities that are RESPA compliant.


Real Estate Acquisitions
Commercial Leaseholds-Landlord/Tenant
Easements, boundary disputes, quiet title actions
Residential or commercial transactional matters
Mortgage, lending and financing issues
Title insurance matters
Brokerage liability and agent transactions
Dispute Resolution