“I have been working with Denise for the past 10 years. As the CFO of a family run engineering firm I am constantly in need of Denise’s legal advice. She breaks down legal terms with clear explanations. In addition to relying on Denise on a regular basis, her staff is impeccable and very efficient. I admire her firm’s devotion to their clients.”

taycologoSheri Nikolakopulos
CFO Tayco Engineering, Inc.

“Denise Guzman has surrounded herself with an excellent support team…Whatever our problems might require in terms of legal guidance and action, she has shown herself not only “ready” and “willing” but very very “able”. More than that, she has taken on an even more important role in our personal and business lives: friend. We thank her for everything…”

Rent_Larson_logo_smallAl Larson, President
Skeeziks, LLC
(Copyright owner of the Broadway Musical “RENT” and of the “Jonathan Larson Estate”)

“I have known Denise Guzman for about 10 years and I have had the pleasure of referring her to several of my clients and contacts. Each one has mentioned that Denise is responsive to their questions and provides first-class service.

Of more importance is the fact that I retained Denise Guzman for my personal situation and that was to represent me as sole trustee for my mother’s trust. With several large pieces of real estate, many heirlooms and beneficiaries who are, well, challenging to deal with, Denise has done a great job. She has helped me to navigate the complicated world of trusts and made my role easier by making sure I stay focused on the issue at hand. That is saying a lot given the host of “family issues” we have encountered. In fact, my wife and I have retained Denise to handle our personal trust needs.

Denise Guzman has exceeded my expectations – and my expectations are fairly high.”

RBZCharles Osaki
Principal RBZ, LLP

“Denise is our California legal counsel. She has handled two business acquisitions for our company. Her firm is meticulous in the due diligence process and in the drafting of documents. Denise’s negotiating skills were essential to the closing of both sales. I continue to count on her legal expertise for our operations in California. I trust Denise and her team with our business.”

AUVMeredith Stines
American Ultraviolet Co.


“The first day I walked into the office of Denise Guzman and her staff, I felt lost and alone with the death of my stepfather happening only days earlier. I showed up with a pile of paperwork, a trust, and little, if any, knowledge on how to proceed. Denise then said those words I’ll remember forever, which relieved me immediately: “Don’t worry, we will take care of this for you.”

Within a year, three properties had been transferred to my name, along with several accounts and annuities. Two of the properties were sold and one rented for income. Denise and Sally recommended several experts in the real estate field to help in the process. The Guzman Law Group is a team that has turned what seemed to me an impossible task into a life changing success story. Denise, Sally and the team are more to me than a law office. I am fortunate to be able to have them as friends forever.”

Kris Falconer
Trustee of the Tracy Family Trust

“Thank you for what you and your staff have done to prepare all our documents.  We are so pleased with your services. Everyone in your office we had dealings with went beyond our expectations. You have a great employee in Trisha who always gave me a warm welcome. Carla was so helpful and patient in helping us to understand our situation.”

Art Bourgeois

 “I cannot truly express how assuring it is to have full confidence in the Guzman Law Group. Their professionalism, attention to detail and sensitivity to your situation is fully realized with a welcoming atmosphere and personal attention. They take the time to explain things and what needs to be done to resolve any problems. I am truly grateful for all their help.”

Jack Perrone
Trustee of the Collins Family Trust