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Steve Jobs emailed me!

No, he didn’t.  There is a chance that some day he will though.  The semi-undipsuted king of computing does, on occasion, respond to random emails from Apple geeks.  It’s only a Google away to find his personal email address (Hint:  it may be and you may even run across some of the responses people have received from Sir Apple himself.

So what?
The number one complaint people voice about their attorneys is no communication.  Unreturned phone calls, emails, letters, smoke signals – all amount up to client frustration and often result in client departure.  If Steve has time to field emails form 989apple_rocks! (The address portrayed in this sentence is a work of fiction, any resemblance to an actual person’s address is unintentional.  But let’s be honest, there’s only about 3 people who still use Hotmail.  If you’re one of them, please let me know if this is yours!), then there’s never an excuse for us as attorneys to let clients fall by the wayside.

We may not be changing the world of communication or culture on a daily basis, but we deal with serious matters for businesses and individuals and our charge is to keep those lines of communication open, most of all when a client has reached out to us.

There is a remarkably intriguing study (and corresponding book) by Masaru Emoto entitled “Hidden Messages in Water.”  You may have run into its mention in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know” if it’s ringing a bell.  It’s a quick read and, objectively, fascinating.  In addition to the pictures of the effect of classical music vs. death metal on a water crystal’s formation (beautiful and destroyed, respectively), there is a recounting of an experiment conducted with grains of rice. Here’s the short story – families were given the task to place three grains of rice in three separate jars and speak to them on a daily basis.  The grain in jar 1 was praised, encouraged and otherwise given reassuring and positive messages.  Jar 2 was subjected to negativity, disgust, hate, etc…  Jar 3 was ignored.  Not surprisingly (or completely shocking, depending on your metaphysical and spiritual inclinations), Jar 1 flourished and sprouted; Jar 2 did not; Jar 3 rotted and decayed rapidly.

Whether you doubt the veracity of the study or accept it without reservation, the anecdotal lesson is a very simple one:  Not communicating is the most damaging thing one can do.  It doesn’t need to be the greatest news in the world, but people need to hear something.  Ignorance kills.

You’re never going to be in Jar 3 on a shelf at Guzman Law Group.

Until next time…