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Another Apple Blog. Sorry.

I’ve been an Apple®-ite for all of my adult and most of my quasi-adult life.  It was an easy sell when I was younger, though almost prohibitively expensive.  Also problematic – Apples had this almost certainly predictable life of 3 years.  At the three year point, the machines would just, well, sort of give up.  Slow down, crash, generally present themselves in a grumpy fashion, indicating they were ready for eBay discounting.  This happened with my first generation G3 powerbook, and again with my first generation swivel-screen iMac.

Then it happened.  Prices came down, quality improved.  Apple crossed into everyman’s land and left the musician/artist-centered demographic – their former and exclusive domain.

I’m writing this from a 2004 PowerBook G4 from my desk at work.  I have the same machine at home.  Both are flawless.  Our office runs Macs exclusively, a complete anomaly in the legal world.  Ten years ago, it would have been impossible.

The constant in all this is the culture of Apple.  Somebody somewhere commissioned a poll at some point that measured the attrition rate of Apple users and similarly (and comparatively) the attrition rate of PC users.  The crossover, I’m positing, is a one-way street.  Once you’re in, you don’t leave.  You drank the Kool-Aid® and it tasted great.

My entrenchment only escalated with the introduction of the iPhone.  I’m a veritable foster parent to the iPhone in all its released forms, having adopted (purchased and loved) each generation thus far.  The Wall Street Journal apparently broke the rumor that the next generation will be released later this year and according to Apple’s track record the rumor fits into the product cycle (Read:  Author salivating).

Reasons my Appliction (trademark pending, all rights reserved) is growing:

1.  My son took his first steps this morning.  iPhone was in hand to capture it.  A couple of keystrokes later and the video flew through the info-highway to my family and friends.

2.  Monday morning, washing hands at the sink.  iPhone on sink counter.  A series of events (my idiocy) caused said iPhone to attempt suicide by diving into sink.  Water ensued, submerging apparently depressed iPhone (why else would it jump, I ask??).  Two hours of depressed iPhone thinking it had headphones plugged in, erratic volume adjustments, a passionate desire to enter Airplane Mode and cries for help (Read:  Never before seen error messages).    Then it happened.  It was perfect again.

Not entirely true.  On the way home that fateful evening, I was doing some life-coaching with iPhone.  I mean, everyone needs a little pick-me-up after such an event.  We were reminiscing about the old days, when life was simpler ya know?  As we both love poker (iPhone has an app, I have patience), I decided to pull up a YouTube clip from the 2008 World Series of Poker (Quad Aces beat by Straight Flush – a real scorcher).  No audio, no volume bar.   iPhone suggested watching some home movies instead – maybe it was just a b-level clip that someone uploaded poorly.  Enter clip of baby fighting with hose in backyard – no audio, no volume bar.  Uh oh.

Then it happened.  Restore through iTunes.  Perfect again.

I’m not saying it’s waterproof.  I AM saying WOW!  More Kool-Aid, please.

Until next time.  I promise to write about something other than Apple, unless I buy an iPad.