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Are you ready to Franchise your Business?

Do you have two or three restaurants with a signature look and feel? Or a specialty clothing store with a brand name, concept and systems for doing business? Or perhaps a service you provide that can be duplicated by others? You may already have other stores where you have licensed the trade name to another individual or entity and entered into distribution agreements for the specialty merchandise; however you may now be ready to franchise your business. Licensing and franchising are two different legal tools and you want to ensure you are using the right one to avoid unpleasant consequences. Franchising can be a great vehicle for driving your business forward, but you must ensure compliance with federal and state laws. They mandate that if you are offering or selling a concept, you must register with the appropriate state authorities, depending on the jurisdiction. You will need an experienced franchise attorney to guide you through the details of this process, so you can focus upon building your business dreams.