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The Holiday's are Here, Let's Boycott Our Email

I read an article on called "It's the holidays, so let your work e-mail go" (you can read it HERE). Part of the article discusses a recent study that shows 59% of American adults check their work email during the holidays. I understand how that could happen. Checking my email has almost become a compulsion. This world moves so fast that it's sometimes hard to stay one step ahead. So, we check our email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, while we walk to our car, wait for lunch dates or ride elevators. But, taking a weekend off from the e-world won't kill us either, especially during a holiday weekend. Be in the moment and celebrate with friends and family. Be apart of that 59% and boycott your email this weekend. And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, boycott anyway! Let's be rebellious together. Happy holidays to all!