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Why should I copyright my work? Ask Polaroid.

A few days ago I ordered a decal for my iPhone thru an online store that shall remain nameless. The decal was of a 70’s OneStep Polaroid Land Camera that would go on the back of the phone. Not only does the decal add a unique style to the phone, but it also acts as protection for the phone. Yesterday, I received an email from the nameless online company stating that they had received a cease and desist letter from the Polaroid Corporation in regards to the decal I, and many others, had ordered. In an effort to support Polaroid, the nameless online company pulled the product from their website. They hope to work with Polaroid and re-release the item.

If you are a creator of any kind, take note from Polaroid. Having your brand, intellectual properties and products protected can mean the difference between a one-time sale of your product or idea, and a lifetime of licensing and royalty income. It doesn’t matter if you are a large company like Polaroid (with Lady Gaga as your Creative Director, no I’m not kidding) or a startup T-shirt company, safeguard yourself and copyright your work.