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iPad2: 5pm Product Launch to Minimize Liability?

Last year when the AT&T iPhone4 was released, Apple saw recorded number turn outs on the first day of sales. I was one of the thousands of people who stood in line for hours at the Apple store. I arrived at 6am to secure a good placement in line. Well, as it turns out, I wasn't the only one with the plan to arrive early. People had been camping out since the stores closing the night before. This was a common story across the country.

Tomorrow, Apple will launch the iPad2. Speculation has begun as to how big the turn out will be. Most say the crowd will not be as big as it was for the iPhone4, but there will still be large numbers. Apple’s website states that sales of the iPad2 will begin at 5pm. Is Apple trying to minimize their liability with an afternoon product launch? I guess well see if Apple die-hards will be popping their tents tonight.