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Corporate and Business

Corporate & Business

Guzman Law Group caters to a broad range of business clientele, from entrepreneurs and start-ups to mid-level, closely held companies.  There are critical decisions to be made at the inception of a business, and those decisions require qualified advice.  Likewise, when it comes time to sell the business you’ve built, we are there to guide you through the process.  Somewhere in the middle comes the core of our work – finding creative solutions to the daily issues businesses and their owners face.  Many clients compare our role to that of an “in-house” counsel at larger companies – we see an extremely broad range of issues that demand creative, efficient and timely reactions based on our legal expertise and personal and professional experiences.

Guzman Law Group represents an extremely diverse client base in terms of industry.  A snapshot of our client base reveals manufacturers, distributors, content creators, production companies, and internet pioneers.  We are always looking for the next idea and how we can help your goals come to fruition.

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Incorporation / Business Entity Formation
Mergers and Acquisitions / Sale or Purchase of Business
Licensing and Distribution Agreements
Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection
Corporate Succession Planning
Business Restructuring
Buy-Sell Agreements
Employment Agreements
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
Business Dissolution
Non-Profit Organizations