Guzman Law Group



With more than 20 years of experience, the lawyers of the Guzman Law Group represent established professionals (independent producers, agents and managers), creative talent (writers, directors and performers) and rights owners in the global, ‘transmedia’ marketplace. Our expertise includes:

DEVELOPMENT DEALS  with studios, networks and producers including agreements for the acquisition of films rights in books, plays and other intellectual properties;

PRODUCTION LEGAL COUNSEL supporting multi-national, independent producers of scripted films and television programs (including animation) as well as commercials and Internet productions;

INTERNATIONAL CO-PRODUCTIONS utilizing tax credit resources;

PRODUCTION SERVICE AGREEMENTS  between companies to provide animation, special effects (vFx) as well as traditional live-action production expertise;

DISTRIBUTION/ACQUISITION AGREEMENTS between producers and studio and independent distributors, networks and Internet distributors for film, Television and Video-On-Demand;

MUSIC publishing, licensing and clearances for audio-visual entertainment;

THEATER ­agreements for performers, producers, directors, writer/composers as ancillary rights exploitation of established properties;

MERCHANDISING ­agreements for brand endorsements and character licenses for consumer products;

GUILD COMPLIANCE and negotiations on behalf of independent producerswith Hollywood labor unions including SAG/AFTRA (actors); DGA (directors) and WGA (writers);

TECHNOLOGY agreements (animation; special effects; post production; sound design) as well as the development and distribution of computer applications (“apps”);

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION (copyright and trademark registrations);

AGENCY AND MANAGEMENT representation agreements.