Guzman Law Group



The Guzman Law Group has gained the reputation of being the community’s Trust Advisor. The firm tailors their services to the needs of the community, and with the LA community becoming home to more and more athletes, the firm services include a comprehensive range of sports industry legal matters:

BRAND PROTECTION  Provide strategic representation for product endorsement, personal appearances, commercial contracts, talent agreements, trademark registration and enforcement, and other entertainment and intellectual property matters

SECURITIES AND FINANCE TRANSACTIONS  Advise on securities and business investments, loans, and financing arrangements

ENTITY FORMATION AND BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS  Establish business entities and loan-out companies; advise regarding personal contracts, business law, and commercial transactions

LITIGATION  Represent individuals and companies facing complex business issues and legal conflicts, including shareholder, partnership and general business disputes including breach of contract or fiduciary duty claims

TRUST AND ESTATE MATTERS  Protect clients and their business, investments, assets, and rights; preserve our clients’ wealth for subsequent generations

CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS  Form and assist with management and operation of Non-Profit Organizations